Q: How far in advance should we book your photographic services?

A: Most weddings are booked at least 12 months in advance.  With our studio, we suggest 12 to
18 months to ensure your services with us.  Please do not hesitate contacting us even if your
wedding is around the corner as sometimes wedding dates become available due to changes. I
would highly recommend booking your photographer as soon you set your wedding date.

Q: Can I combine savings?

A: Yes! We offer savings to all our Photo Family Customers.  And, if our pricing changes you
always get the lower value.

Q: What photos should we ask for?

A: To assist you we can offer a list of photographs that can be taken. You can use this list or
develop your own based on the length of your contract  and photo desires...the choice is yours.
Having a member of the wedding party or family, that knows your guests, assist us in ensuring the
next group is ready offers you more time for other special moments to be captured.

Q: How do you describe your photographic style?

A: Our style combines both "formal" traditional and "informal" photo journalistic styles. During your
wedding our goal is to capture your day your way. As we personalize each of our weddings we
would love to hear your wishes and special moments that you have incorporated into yours so that
it is captured just the way you desire.

Q. Do you include passworded online viewing of our wedding day?

A: Yes, family and friends can view your wedding day memories online. What a great way to share
your day with your guests and with other special people in your life.  

Q: Can we have some or all of our photographs taken at another location?

A: Of course! Most often we follow the bride and groom or the entire wedding party to an
alternative location, as experience has shown this brief absent from your guests captures
treasured lifetime memories.

Q: What if it rains?

A: Don't let rain get you down. Photographers tend to prefer overcast weather because of the soft
light and saturated colours. The only situation that may be affected by rain is your formal portrait
session. If you think it may rain, having an indoor back-up location for portraits may put you at
ease. However, it is very rare that it will rain continuously throughout the day. Quite often waiting 15
minutes will be enough to allow you to continue with the portraits. Rain may require that you be a
little more flexible with your schedule, but it's not going to ruin the day.

Q: What type of photographic equipment do you use?

A: We have migrated totally to digital photography to enhance your photographs and offering
greater value to you at a lesser cost. Digitally, we primarily use Canon products, including full
frame. We also use portable lighting depending on your location needs. To ensure that your
moments are captured we always bring backup equipment.

Q: Do we have to buy prints or images from you?

A: The answer is simply...your get the images as per you contract. This means you can print them
where you wish and as often as you wish! Many photographers charge $500 to $1000 to purchase
the high-resolution digital files over and above their package price. With us, these files are
included at no additional charge. The choice is ours, your high-resolution digital images can be on
CDs,DVDs or USB. If you would like us to print for you just let us know, our prices are very

Q: Is it alright for our guests to take pictures during the ceremony and reception?

A: Absolutely! We have no problem with your guests taking pictures. We ask that they work with us
to ensure that your contracted photographs take priority. At times this can delay moving onto the
next group of photos and can confuse those being photographed as to which way to look.

Q: What photo techniques do we get with our package?

A: With digital photography, your photographs can be produced in color, black and white, sepia
and we give you a sampling of special partial coloured and at no additional cost.

Q: How can we help?

A: Prior to your wedding day we will discuss helpful hints that will assist in capturing a variety of
different key moments and ensuring that ample time is allotted. We realize that weddings by nature
are subject to change, therefore we ask that you keep us updated as you plan and as your day
unfolds. Designating someone from your wedding party to do this on your wedding day helps

Q: We really like your work. Can you please hold our date while we decide?

A: Your date is confirmed once your contract is signed by all parties and your retainer received.
Our quotation offers you a window of time to shop and ask informed questions. We make every
effort to work with you to ensure all of our photo needs are realized.


Still have more questions...just pop us an
email or give us a call as we love to be of assistance to
you and be your photographer of choice for your day!

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quote for our wedding.