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Brian Shimla Photography
London ON                         
Telephone:  (519) 471-1806                                             
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uzana brings her euro background to our team.  
Congrats on her recent honours degree and
diploma.  As strong believers in continuing education,
we regularly attend professional courses and
conferences to stay abreast of new changes in the
world of weddings.
"My father, the true artisan also shared his love for all
arts with me, both in his workshop and sending me to
art school."  He is a lefty, intuitive and imaginative.  He
sees in colors and shapes, thinks in images and
emotions.  He is a graduate of Fanshawe College,
UBC and continuing education at UWO.  
You are always treated with the respect and dignity that Brian Shimla
Photography is founded on.  Brian Shimla Photography normally serves
Ontario, but does accept invitations to all locations.  We always have
our passports up-to-date.
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Our experience offers you the utmost
quality and professionalism for all
your photo needs.
rian - principal photographer