As he anxiously counted the minutes until he would propose - he ran down his checklist:

  • Reservation at restaurant where they had their first date two years earlier.  Done

  • Engagement ring removed from box and tucked discreetly into pants pocket.  There.

And us, the photographer lurking, at the crowded intersection, with instructions to snap our
shutter the instant he dropped to bended knee.
  • Up to 1 hour, $250* Includes a team of two photographers.

  • Up to 1 hour, $200* or free* (with you wedding package), one

  • Includes post production fee, high resolution ready to print
    images on disc at no additional charge, password protected
    online viewing and two 8 x 10 portraits.

  • Your images can be viewed on our individually password
    protected website at no additional cost. This means you stop
    paying for proofs.  You can preview your images online,
    decide on any changes you would like to make, or make any
    special requests online.  Continuous shoot time.

  • Prints can be ordered through us, if desired.

* London location. Other locations priced individually.
Surprise Marriage Proposal Photography

Whether inspired by tenderhearted sentiment, the desire to record history in the making or something
more narcissistic, some marriage-minded men are remaking one of humanity’s most private
moments into one that can be instantly shared with family and friends. They are conspiring with
photographers who, with all the stealth of covert operatives, lurk in crowds, behind bushes and in the
darkened recesses of restaurants to capture the delighted, unopposed reaction of the fiancée-in-the-

Proposal photographs represent the absolute beginning of the marriage story.

We blend into the surroundings to keep the surprise. We'll photograph your proposal, the emotions,
and the excitement, so you and your friends & family can see and experience this indescribable

Contact us with your surprise proposal ideas or questions and we design up a custom plan to capture
your pivotal moment of a lifetime.
roposal Pricing
he Proposal

"I wanted this day to be something we could tell people about”.

"Now, not only could I tell friends and family about the circumstances of the engagement, I could
show them, too, thanks to a candid shoot of the proposal."

“I wanted to do the photos so that I could share that private moment with other people while
keeping the actual moment itself private to us,”

“It’s very rare that you get a picture of that moment.”